"It's Wonderful Wednesday and I have something wonderful to share! After just four weeks of doing the Movement for Miracles Program, Forrest WANTED to color. I took a video where I could SEE huge changes in how well he is crossing his midline, how integrated his movements are, and fine motor control! For those of you who don't know the story, five years ago, Forrest was diagnosed with monophasic autoimmune encephilopathy. His immune system attacked his brain and he lost the connection between his brain and his body. The neurologist who showed us his MRI explained that there was global brain damage and that "where he was (capability wise) in six months, is where he would remain." That he would still be a joy to us but he would never be what he could have been. He will be 7 years old next month. Thank you Movement for Miracles for teaching me HOW to help my son. While I have had faith through years of therapy and in the plasticity of the brain, I cannot begin to express the RELIEF I experienced today witnessing this simple, yet intricate moment. Andrea Fry is teaching us how to literally MOVE through the barriers and what I have witnessed in such a short amount of time IS truly a MIRACLE!" -

Deborah Delcalzada, Manchester, NH

The Program in a Nutshell

Movement for Miracles Foundations is a 7 week program that teaches parents movement techniques that have been seen to significantly ease in academic, social and emotional learning.

Each week adults will receive access to new course videos and content. The first (and sometimes second) video is intended just for adults. This is where I explain what to do and why. The next videos (4-8) are intended to support you doing the movement or activity with your child. You and your child can follow along as I lead the movements in each video. The videos are not to be done only once. Revisiting all the videos during and after the program is highly recommended for more and continued success. 

Before starting the program, I provide an instructional video that walks you through establishing a baseline of where your child is at the start. This baseline is ESSENTIAL for measuring growth. In my experience when we start to move and learn with greater ease, we forget there were challenges. The baseline gives us a base from which to compare and CELEBRATE success. 

The program builds from a 10 minute per day commitment and builds to 15-20 minutes per day of GUIDED movement. If there are days when you have less time - it is suggested that you do the BASE MOVEMENT SEQUENCE (5 minutes). With all movements, you have the choice to follow my lead, have your child lead, or you can lead the movements. 

During week one you will get a base movement pattern to be done throughout the program. It is essential. During Modules 2 through 7 you will do the base movement sequence in addition to your choice at least one other video. As the program moves forward your library of movement videos to choose from will grow. Repeating any video from previous week(s) is encouraged and celebrated. Kids will tell us what they need. We can trust their intuitive knowing.

I would LOVE to have you join us. Together we can learn, laugh, move, grow and witness miracles.


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